His Own Albums

Toker Messing Around... with the classics;) (Parma/Navona, 2019)

A homorous parody album consisting of Hakan's arrangements born out of years of improvising. Classical tunes jazzified, jazz tunes classicized, sometimes both Turkified! The album is partly solo piano, with one piece played on the harpsichord. On the second half of the album, Hakan is accompanied by Aykut Sütoğlu on clarinet, Vedat Dinletir on zurna, Bilal Kızıllar on kanun, Tolga Karaslan on ud, Mehmet Sönmez on doublebass, İsmail Darıcı on Turkish and Latin percussion, Hakan Çetinkaya on drums, Gürkan Özkan on tabla and Golden Horn Brass (Ömer Dağaşan and Enes Nalkıran: trumpets, Begüm Gökmen: French horn, Burak Dursun: trombone, Ertan Şahin: tuba).

Şehir Hayatı / City Life (Yenikapı Music, 2018)

An ethnic jazz album consisting entirely of Hakan's compositions. Clarinet: Aykut Sütoğlu, Trumpet: Hikmet Altunbaşlıer, Saxophone: Tamer Temel, Piano: Hakan A. Toker, Bass: Apostolos Sideris, Drums: Hakan Çetinkaya / Cengiz Baysal, Percussion: İsmail Darıcı, Tabla: Gürkan Özkan.

Alla Turca Alla Toker (2012)

This is Hakan’s third solo CD, also his first solo release in Turkey. The contents are traditional Turkish tunes arranged in a pianistic manner with classical and jazz elements, mostly for solo piano. On some of the tracks, Hakan is accompanied by Engin Titiz, Hakan Gürbüz and Cenker Sarp on bass; Cem Aksel on drums and Halil Uğur Kutlu on Turkish percussion. First released by MCC in 2012, later re-released in 2018 by the artist’s own label H&H Music.

Turkish Music on Piano (2005)

This is Hakan’s second solo albüm printed (but not published) in the USA. It features classical, pianistic arrangements of well-known traditional Turkish tunes, performed semi-improvisationally.

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Transformations (2003)

Hakan’s first solo album. Improvisations on themes from around the world. Recorded in Indiana, USA.

Listen to all of it for free! No longer available in print.

Albums He Appears On

Musical Bridges (2017)

This limited-edition CD has been produced and handed-out in honor of the 25th anniversary of Croatian-Turkish diplomatic relations, with the initiative of the Croatian-Turkish friendship association and support from ministries of foreign affairs of both countries. Croatian pianist Ivan Horvatić plays music by Turkish composers who write in the Western classical idiom, while Hakan A. Toker plays music by Croatian composers. Not available on the market.

Vivaldi 4 Seasons for 3 Pianos (Parma, 2017)

Vivaldi’s 4 seasons have been not only transcribed, but re-arranged in a humorous fashion by Croatian pianist-composer Matej Meštrović, incorporating odd meters, jazz and Oriental flavors, leaving room for improvisation as well! Played by the arranger himself, Matija Dedić and Hakan A. Toker (also on accordion).

Tales of Three Hearts (H&H, 2017)

This album has been recorded in Toker’s own studio and produced by his own label H&H, partnering with Hakan Çetinkaya. The contents are original pieces written and played by Murat Süngü (cello, violin), Hakan A. Toker (piano, accordion), Hakan Çetinkaya (percussion, guitar), 3 each; + one cover: jazz version of Saint-Saëns’s famous “Swan” from the Carnival or Animals.

Richness of tones (ÇAĞSAV, 2012)

Richness of the Tones is an album by the viola-accordion duo called “Duo Mares”. Viola: Esra Pehlivanlı. Accordion: Marko Kassl. The album consists of music composed or arranged for this duo by Turkish composers. Two of Hakan A. Toker’s compositions are included: 5th and 6th pieces from the Notenbuch für P.E.B.

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Season of Love (Kalan Müzik, 2011)

Seaon of Love is an album by Dilek Türkan, Turkish traditional music singer. It is a live concert recording. The contents are modern traditional Turkish songs and tangos from the early 20th century republic era, arranged by Cengiz Onural and Oğuzhan Balcı. On this album, Dilek Türkan is accompanied by: Hakan A. Toker, piano; Serdar Kalafatoğlu, clarinet; Olgu Kızılay and Esen Kıvrak, violins; Efdal Altun, viola; Çağ Erçağ, cello; Erdal Akyol, doublebass.

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Touches II (Kaf Müzik, 2011)

This second album of Tanini continues along the lines of the first, therefore bears the same name. One important difference is that, this one additionally features one original composition by each of the members of the band.

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Touches (Kaf Müzik, 2008)

This is Tanini’s first album. A lyric synthesis of traditional Turkish music and western classical music. Featuring Tahir Aydoğdu on kanun, Bilgin Canaz on ney, Hakan Ali Toker on piano and accordion. It was recorded in 2007 at Hakan A. Toker’s former basement in Ankara, released a year later.

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Salaam (2009)

This self-titled album contains explorations of Iraqi, Syrian, Turkish, and North-African music, along with several original compositions, improvisations, and fresh interpretations.  Progressive and rooted, this album is a sophisticated fusion of Middle-Eastern and Western sensibilities. Hakan plays the piano, kanun and accordion among a nicely crowded gang of colleagues.

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Ya Salaam! (2005)

This is Hakan’s second album with Salaam. A rich variety of instrumentation (different on virtually every track) and styles, covering the many facets of Middle Eastern music; from Iraq to Turkey, from traditional to modern. Hakan plays piano, accordion, kanun, and even sings on this one!

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Laylat Salaam (2001)

“Laylat Salaam” means “Night of Salaam” or “Night of Peace”. Relatively more traditional renditions of Middle Eastern tunes, compared to later albums of Salaam. Hakan plays the kanun on this one.

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Fifth Annual Competition in the Performance of Music from Spain and Latin America (Indiana University, 2002)

Hakan accompanies Mexican singer Emilio Jimenez-Pons on the piano. This CD is a production of the Latin American Music Center and the Spanish Recourse Concert at Indiana University under the sponsorship of the Office of Education of the Embassy of Spain.

Despair and Deliverance (MacDuff Entertainment, 2000)

A 3-disc set of Christi Smith Hayden’s radio play about a Texan pianist’s fight with leukemia. 10% of the proceeds have been donated to the Leukemia Society of America. Most of the music composed by Joe Donelly. Piano played (mostly improvised) by Hakan.